- Borderlands
- Prototype
- The Agency
- Mortal Kombat vs DC
- GI Joe
- Haze
- Beowulf
- Dark Messiah: Elements
- Starcraft 2 Trailer music
- John Woo's Stranglehold (co-composers)
- Hellgate: London
- God of War 2
- God of War
- Clive Barker’s Jericho
- Dark Messiah
- Spyhunter feat. The Rock
- Battlezone PSP
- Stuntman 2
- Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance
- Quake 2 & Quake 2 Mission Packs
- Quake 3 Arena & Team Arena
- James Bond Tomorrow never dies
- Unreal Tournament (Sound design)
- Terminator: Rise of the Machines
- Wild 9

Remix work under the TOKSIN name:
(for more info visit www.toksin.com)
BT- Communicate (Toksin’s Narcan remix)
BT- The Great Escape (Toksin’s Stardiver remix)
BT- Superfablous (Toksin’s Rawshaker mix)
Taxidoll- Look at what you get (Toksin’s Subsumed mix)
Deepsky - Ghost (Toksin’s Ghost in the machine remix)
Pitty Sing - Bleeding Hearts (Toksin’s Lopressor mix)
Bloc Party – She’s hearing voices (Toksin’s Aphagia mix)
Destiny’s Child – Loose your breath (Toksin’s Kymatized mix)
Gwen Stefani – What you waiting for (Toksin’s Sterilized mix)
WBN - Show me love (Toksin’s Methodical mix)
Toksin – Digital Divine (Y4K:Nubreed)
Toksin – Digital Divine (Toksin’s Aftershock remix)
Summer Channel – Soulmate (Toksin’s Rockstar Syndrome mix)
Toksin feat. Danny B - Greed (unreleased)
Mute Math - Chaos (Toksin’s Equilibrium mix)
Celldweller - So long sentiment (Toksin’s Anhodenia mix)

Sample CD’s produced for Big Fish Audio.
Noize loops / Toxic Textures