Tron Evolution Soundtrack

The Official Steinberg Artist interview. Talking about my career and of course, Tron Evolution: SCORING TRON: EVOLUTION WITH CUBASE

We very excited to be a part of the TRON franchise. Having always been a huge TRON fan, when we were approached to score the game, I was very intrigued. While no one could possibly match the genius of Wendy Carlos original Tron score, we tried to pay homage while elevating the sound up into a more modern soundscape. And while there are indeed similarities to Daft Punk's brilliant movie score, we made this our own for sure.

Many thanks go to out to Disney's Audio lead, Jason Owen and his team at Propaganda Games. While there is no official game soundtrack release planned, as of today you can stream the entire promo soundtrack right here and via YouTube. While we all await the movie with excitement as of today, Tron Evolution is in stores now! So enter the Grid early on...End of line.....


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