New Website updates and features

Besides the TRON announcement, we finally updated the website and added some new features. As you can see we added the Twitter stream to the site. If you want to be up to date with projects and such, you should hit the link and add us to your stream.

We also added a dropbox for Sound Cloud. Yes, if you a talented composer, producer, and are looking for a way to be heard, this is for you. Just use the dropbox to upload your tracks. We will listen to them for sure! Then there's the official Sonic Mayhem You Tube channel. We are planning on using it mostly for music but i will maybe upload a few behind the scenes movies as well.

There's also other interesting things cooking. Besides a huge unannounced title, We are also working on a iphone and ipad app. If you want more info on that, please visit my toksin blog.

Thanks to Steve Gerdes for the sm logo and art, as always. And thanks to Sam and Nat of DOSE production for their hard work on the website!


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