Doomsday Producers Edition

The Doomsday Producer’s Edition (Digital) – We've collaborated with Spektro Audio and The Unfinished to bring you the ultimate Sonic Mayhem experience: 

The producer’s edition not only allows you to remix all tracks with the included stems but also features unique samples straight from the DOOMSDAY sessions, 2 exclusive plugins and custom instruments sampled directly from Sonic Mayhem’s modular arsenal:  Includes all album tracks in high resolution Wav files. Audio stems of all album tracks, 2 custom plugins for Ableton Live, 3 custom Kontakt sample libraries of Sonic Mayhem's own Modular setup incl. most drum sounds created for Doomsday, 256 custom presets for NI's Massive & Absynth, over 700MB of custom loops, pads, drones, guitar riffs especially recorded for the producer's edition and 2 bonus music tracks.

You can purchase the Producers Edition of Doomsday here (digital)

The Producers edition custom Max 4 Live plugins:


AlphaDTR (Alpha Destroyer) is a distortion and bit-crusher Max for Live device. It only features 3 main knobs so it’s extremely easy to use. The device can also be expanded into an advanced mode which allows the use to fine-tune all the settings.


OmegaSEQ is an 8-step sequencer which can be used to create anything from rhythimic basslines to beautiful synthlines. Record mode records and assigns incoming MIDI notes to it’s 8 steps and Play mode uses incoming notes to play back the recorded sequence.

The Producers edition Kontakt editions:

The 3 Kontakt Library's are all sounds directly sampled from Sonic Mayhem's Modular setup. You get: Drums, Bass and Leads. Each with their own custom controls and filters. 

For more info on the content you can download the Readme.pdf here